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rs to spe〓nd eight y●uan. It means ●in the next four ye●ars, the project w●ill genera〓te up to 9●00 billion in ru●ral consumption."Th●e project will〓 be further● expanded in Febru〓ary next year■, when it will■ cover all rural are○as. And it will s◆tay in plac●e until Jan●uary 2013.Farmers ●hope that ○local financi●al and commer○ce authori●

e offer○ed.

This transpar■ent operat●

ties can furt●her simplify sub◆sidy procedures.Rel◆ated stories:Xue ■Juanjuan and〓 her fiance ha◆ve carefully prepare●d a long sh●opping list bef■ore stepping into an● electronics ■chain in Sh●anghai, in the hope〓 of rackin

g ■up great d◆eals via an app●liance rebat〓e program tar●

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